Men were more successful at dieting than women

Мужчины оказались успешнее в диете, чем женщины

Caloric restriction is more beneficial for men.

Despite recent studies that have shown that the female body better cope with the harmful cholesterol, scientists from Denmark found that men are able to quickly lose weight if the caloric intake is reduced.

According to the research, which was conducted by a group of Danish researchers, even if the original weight was small, a diet that involves caloric restriction, is more beneficial for men than for women. Over worked research group headed by Pia Christensen from Copenhagen.The experiment included examination of the 2000 volunteers who had problems with overweight up to obesity. About 8 weeks, the subjects had to eat a special food pellets that contained a certain daily dose of calories – 930 kcal. Diet was controlled by the researchers who systematically did the analyses of saliva and blood from volunteers.

During the experiment subjects on average were able to lose weight 10.7 kg. In addition, the volunteers disappeared, the signs of development of type II diabetes. It is worth noting that men, on average dropped to 11.8 kilograms, while the women – only 10 kilograms. Also according to studies, women are mostly losing muscle mass and healthy body fat, while get rid of bad cholesterol better than men.According to dieticians, this is why you should develop a separate weight loss programs for men and women.

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