Mercedes-Benz has created an unusual ice cream

В Mercedes-Benz создали необычное мороженое

At the presentation of the future technology Future Lab @ Mercedes-Benz Trucks of journalists were treated to a special ice cream prepared right in front of them in an unusual way.

The presentation of the new technologies – Future Lab @ Mercedes-Benz Trucks, which was held at the largest factory truck with a three – beam star in wörth (Germany), journalists were treated to a “Mercedes” ice cream, writes the with reference to Autoblog.

Feature ice cream from Mercedes-Benz Trucks in that it has been applied to the hydrogen H2, which is stored in tanks at minus 253 degrees Celsius. For cooking experts chefs, Mercedes-Benz put glasses and a special glove, which pursued an interesting operation. And the topic of hydrogen at the presentation were touched not just. In the presentation special attention was paid to the propulsion, alternative fuels, zero emission of CO2. The most effective are the power plant on fuel cells. Here the electric motors are powered by electricity produced from hydrogen.

First, the balloons with hydrogen (under a pressure of 70 MPa) weigh almost nothing – only 58 kg with a volume of 1450 L.

And secondly, with their help manages to get to 2000 kW.h, which will provide a mileage of up to 800 km. With such a reserve can compete with mainline diesel trucks. It is planned to develop infrastructure, because of mass transfer trucks to fuel cells would require 210 million tonnes of hydrogen, of which 6 million tonnes for Germany.

For its production need electricity 7000 and 200 terawatts respectively. It is planned that 4 thousands of plants for the production of hydrogen, of which 100 were in Germany, will supply wind power capacity of 64 kW.h each.

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