Mercedes-Benz invented a new class of vehicles

Mercedes-Benz придумал новый класс автомобилей

Mercedes-Benz registered in the patent and trademark office abbreviations O 120, O 140, O O 180 and 200, which indicates that soon the German firm plans to create a new class of cars. This sends Motor1.

According to some, talking about the release of a line of cars, among which may be a crossover truck or van. It is not excluded that Mercedes-Benz uses the name “O-Class” to refer to commercial vehicles or concept that will never become a prototype and production model.

Today, the company uses O to refer to the city nizkoomnyj buses (for example, the model of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro O350). However, it was recently abbreviations differ in style, as they have a space separating the letter from the numbers.