Mercedes-Benz told what “chip” will equip the new S-Class

В Mercedes-Benz рассказали, какой "фишкой" оснастят новый S-Class

The car will be able to cope with most situations on the road.

Mercedes-Benz said that the new S-class sedan will receive the first Autonomous system level 3, with which the car can cope with most situations on the road, reports the with reference for a New time.

The head of the research division of Daimler, Ola, Kaellenius, said that the technology will debut in the flagship models of the brand, writes Autoblog.

“We are on the verge of transition to the third level, which is our goal for the next S-class. This is something you can buy as an option,” said in Paris Ola, Kalenius.

After the debut of the technology in 2020, it will apply to cars with a lower price segment. The ability of level 3 and get an electric crossover of the brand.

Most semi-Autonomous vehicles are now working on the second level of autonomy. At this level are now cars Tesla Model S, Cadillac CT6, some models of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. At this level the driver is able to remove your hands from the steering wheel to execute any action.

The third level of autonomy suggests that distracted from the road for longer. However, even in this case, the vehicle moving in the self-mode must be controlled by the person who is driving.

And Mercedes and BMW are lagging behind Audi A8 2019, which will get six cameras, five radar sensors and a laser scanner to get closer to the third level of Autonomous driving. While Audi is not yet ready to call its technology a full autopilot the third level. Meanwhile, General Motors said it plans to start production of its fully Autonomous Cruise AV next year at the plant near Detroit.

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