Mercury found Mickey mouse

На Меркурии обнаружили Микки Мауса

Walt Disney was accused of contact with aliens.

Astronomers from the US, studying the surface of the planet mercury, discovered a meteor crater similar as two drops of water, on the famous cartoon character of Walt Disney Mickey mouse, reports the with reference to

After this photo appeared online, rumors that Disney could at the time to contact the aliens to draw inspiration from mercurish landscapes.

Astronomers from Cleveland and California centers for deep space network did not comment on the opening of their colleagues.

Serious professionals in this regard can be understood – they have to deal with hundreds of cases of Amateur astronomers, ufologists and conspiracy theorists is that they send different landscape types similar to ancient Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Coliseum and even a few photos with “copies” of the Taj Mahal and the great wall of China.

На Меркурии обнаружили Микки Мауса

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