Merkel resigns

Меркель слагает с себя полномочия

On Friday, December 7, in Hamburg, began the Congress of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) — the leading party in the ruling coalition. Among the many issues on the agenda is one which attracts to the party Congress, the world’s attention. The delegates must elect a new party Chairman. Angela Merkel, head of the CDU for over 18 years, is not running for the post.

A few contenders, but the favorites for the position of party leader is General Secretary of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, former Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the CDU, Friedrich Merz and acting health Minister Jens span. Span is the part of the CDU, which is dissatisfied with the policy of Merkel. Merz and crump-Karrenbauer considered her colleagues. From who will win among the trio, depends, whether there will be Frau Merkel on a post of the Federal Chancellor until the next parliamentary election or be forced to resign.

The membership of the Congress — 1001 delegate. For election to the post of Chairman of the party any candidate must gain an absolute majority of votes. If in the first round none of the candidates will not get such support, then the second round will be released candidates who took first and second place.

Voting will be held strictly confidential. To do this, each delegate received a special cardboard set that when opening turn into individual polling booth, protected from prying eyes.

German media reported that the final voting results and the name of the new Chairman of the CDU will be known only after 15:00 local time (16:00 Kyiv time).

The agenda also report of Angela Merkel. We will remind, she refused the post of party Chairman at the end of October against a background of serious differences within the CDU and within the ruling coalition.

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