Messenger Viber has changed

Мессенджер Viber претерпел изменения

Update messaging will be twice as fast.

Messenger Viber has changed: it got a new appearance and also functionality. Changes can already see users of the iOS operating system.

While Android users will get the changes in the messenger later.

As assured developers, update messaging will be twice as fast. The updated design should simplify the usage of chat rooms. In addition, the chat screen will display more information and it will become more comprehensible.

Instead of words that reported the status of the message will be icons. One checkbox will mean that the message was sent, two messages are read. GIF, photos and videos can be seen in the miniatures.

Also, the developers say that they use end-to-end encryption, which should increase the safety of using Viber. Data and content can not be transferred to third parties, which should ensure complete privacy.

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