Michel Cymes wants to take care of the “bullshit” Eric Drouet and Maxime Nicolle (video)

Michel Cymes veut soigner la "connerie" d'Eric Drouet et Maxime Nicolle (vidéo)

Then it was the turn of tv to promote his new talk-show health, Michel Cymes has been led to react on the news. Tuesday the 19th in the evening, in Daily on TMC, it is proposed to give a drug against the “bullshit” to Maxime Nicolle and Eric Drouet, head of displays of the yellow Vests.

Michel Cymes was the guest of the Daily Tuesday night with comedian Nicole Ferroni to discuss his new show health Ca will not come out of here.

Yann Barthes, the presenter, wanted to make him react on the news and he was asked the following question: “Imagine that you have the medicine from the bullshit, but you have only a single medicine is useable only once on a single person. You are caring for that?”.

The media doctor, who had just seen a story on the yellow Vests in which it is intended to Maxime Nicolle and Eric Drouet respond to the violence that occurred Saturday on the Champs-Elysées, said: “A tablet, I cut it into two and I give a half to each of two yellow Vests that you have heard just now”.

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As a reminder, Maxime Nicolle said he was “proud that the people (stop) to be sheep” after the act of 18 who has done a lot of damage, especially in Paris on the Champs-Elysées. Without, however, agreeing to speak of what had happened: “violence and destruction are always regrettable, but they do not come out of nowhere”.

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