Michelle Obama spoke about the loss of their first child

Мишель Обама рассказала о потере первого ребенка

The US first lady shared about her miscarriage.Former First lady of the United States shared their experiences about the miscarriage, which happened 20 years ago. And also, Michelle Obama spoke about the experience to family psychologist and IVF, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Telegraph.

13 November in the United States premiere of the autobiographical book “Becoming” written by Michelle Obama. But the media already that day to discuss a few facts from the life of the wife of Barack Obama, which she with all sincerity presented on the pages of their memoirs.

Michelle gave an interview to American journalist and TV presenter Robin Roberts: “I felt lost and alone. Felt like a loser”.

So, basically, it is not customary to talk about the miscarriages, even though they are common, 54-year-old Michelle decided to actively support women by sharing your story:

“We live with our own pain, thinking that it only applies to the us. This is one reason why I think it’s important to talk with young mothers about the fact that abortions happen and the biological clock is a reality. Yes, our bodies produced a limited number of eggs. I realized this when I was 35, so I had to do IVF. I think the worst thing we can do as women is not to know how to operate our bodies.”

As a result of several attempts of in vitro fertilization the family had two girls. Malia just turned 20 years old, and Sasha 17.

Also, Michelle Obama spoke about how he and Barack from time to time to visit family psychologist and said:

“One important lesson that I learned after the wedding – my happiness depends on me, not my husband. I learned to take care of myself, took this responsibility to the barracks, no longer feel guilt.”

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