Michelle Obama spoke about the miscarriage and IVF

Michelle Obama

In the new show on ABC News, which will be released day after tomorrow, the 54-year-old Michelle Obama told an American reporter and TV presenter Robin Roberts about how she felt when 20 years ago lost a child.

I felt lost and alone. Felt like a loser.

At the time, former President Barack Obama and his wife were trying to start a family. Michelle admitted that she felt the pressure of their ticking “biological clock”. In the end, she turned for help to the doctors, she underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF). So were they conceived with Barack daughters Malia, who is now 20 years old, and Sasha (she’s 17).

Reflecting on this now, Michelle says she would like to see other women who have experienced similar, knew about her history to not chuvstvovat rejected.

I just didn’t know how common miscarriages because they are not accepted to speak. We live with our own pain, thinking that it only applies to the us.This is one reason why I think it’s important to talk with young mothers about the fact that abortions happen and the biological clock is a reality. Yes, our bodies produced a limited number of eggs. I realized this when I was 35, so I had to do IVF. I think the worst thing we can do as women is not to know how to operate our bodies. These are just some of the revelations of Michelle, which was included in the book “Becoming” (Becoming). In the memoirs of Mrs. Obama talks about his childhood in Chicago, about eight years in the White house as first lady. She openly writes about her relationship with her husband, describing in detail their date. In the book Michelle tells how they met when both worked in the same law firm. It turns out that in the beginning Michelle wanted to remain friends, but fate decreed otherwise.

Kiss one summer night changed everything. Also former first lady of the United States spoke about the difficult times in her personal life.

At some point we went to couples counseling. We began to discuss the differences, and I realized that I am responsible for their happiness. I know too many young couples who are struggling and think that they have something wrong. And I want them to know that Michelle and Barack Obama love each other and work on their marriage. And we sometimes need professional help when we need it

said Mrs. Obama in an interview.

In his memoirs, Michelle Obama writes that he was shocked to learn that trump will replace her husband as President. She admitted that he considers unacceptable the behavior of the current US leader in many areas, such as the treatment of women and racial minorities, for example. Former first lady of the United States called trump a misogynist and condemned him for his infamous “chwastowski” speech on sexual harassment in 2005.

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