Microwave radiation in the atmosphere predicted new earthquakes

Микроволновые излучения в атмосфере предсказали новые землетрясения

Tremors can happen in the Philippines and Hawaii.

Many people interested in UFOlogy and conspiracy theories, you know about the service MIMIC that displays microwave radiation in the atmosphere. Until now, scientists are unable to say, as a result of anomalies MIMIC. While experts have observed that radiation often originate from Antarctica and go to the hurricanes occurring in a specific period of time, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

On 14 September were observed new anomalies stretching from Antarctica to Africa and the Atlantic. In the first case, any consequences are not yet in sight, but the second is already gaining force on hurricane Helene. Also interesting is the situation today in Hawaii. There stretches a narrow anomaly, coming from the Islands in the ocean. This emission is observed in the Philippines.

As some experts believe, occurred anomalies can warn about new earthquakes in Hawaii and the Philippines. There recent months, the tremors occur regularly. It was observed that seismic activity occurs within two weeks after the appearance of anomalies MIMIC. Therefore, the wait is long.

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