Mila kunis successfully adapted business style party in new York

Mila Kunis

34-year-old Mila kunis attended the party in a new York skyscraper the Hearst Tower, where he was a pre-premiere screening of the new Comedy film with her participation “the Spy who conned me”.

Mila Kunis

Instead of cocktail dresses the star of the film “mommy”, wearing an ornate blue-and-brown pantsuit with shiny threads, which advised her stylist Rob Zangardi. And kunis hairstyle — stylish Kara laid in the natural hair answered, Renato Campora.

The way Mila added silk top copper hue underwear style and suede stilettos. Cropped pants, sitting on the figure, is perfectly combined with the free riding. The jacket fits in the shoulders. Kunis managed to create an image with the French touch — a little sloppy and still elegant. Pantsuits are suitable not only for business meetings but also for parties!

At the event, the actress willingly posed with the August issue of the journal Cоsmopolitan, which will be released a big interview with her. Mila told that it is not watching what the press writes about her. Experiencing the actress only how to react rumors her family.

Once during pregnancy, some tabloid said that I was rushed to the hospital. No one can imagine the stress of such publications going through my family

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— shared the star.

However, with some representatives of the press from kunis, it seems, a great relationship. At the party, the actress drank Bourbon with the chief editor of Cosmopolitan Michelle Promaulayko.

Michelle Promaulayko and Mila kunis

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