Militants block the work of the OSCE observers in the Donbass

Боевики блокируют работу наблюдателей ОБСЕ на Донбассе

The separatists prohibit observers Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE to get to under the control of armed forces facilities and areas. It is stated in the report of the mission, reports “Bagnet”.

Was recorded restrictions of freedom of movement, prohibition of access and other obstacles in the implementation of the mission mandate.

Three members of illegal armed groups once again did not allow the patrol mission to drive through the checkpoint, located near Zaichenko (in the North-East of Mariupol). Due to the failure of observers to show a plan for their patrolling, they were not allowed to travel in a North-easterly direction Pikuz settlements Sahanka.

In addition, at a roadblock near Verhneuralskogo (in the North-East of Mariupol), in two cases, the separatists once again forbade the members of the patrol of the OSCE passage through the checkpoint, referring each time to “conduct a series of special events”.