Militants “DNR” believe that murderers to Zakharchenko has led Prilepin

Боевики "ДНР" считают, что убийц к Захарченко привел Прилепин

According to them, the murderers of the leader of fighters “DNR” brought a famous Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, who served in the fake “country” “political Commissar”.

In the text referenced by the media, a certain Lyudmila Grishina wrote in social networks appeal to Prilepin, recently received a position in the Moscow art theatre. Here is the text without edits. “What you simpleton, handed back? Soldier terrible! Where were you in 2014-2015, when there really fought? Come in 2017, popiaritsya, photo, selfie done and disappeared. And his filing around Alexander Zakharchenko, those individuals who as a result was killed. And now came to power.”

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It is known that the militants belonged to the Russians with contempt. They say, adept of the “Russian world” on Donbass in fact did not fight, but only photographed “in a safe place.”

This is confirmed by the terrorist Strelkov (Girkin) in a recent interview with NSN: “we Must start with the fact that Zakhar Prilepin never in the Donbass fought. He was engaged in self-PR and PR Alexander Zakharchenko, to put it mildly, is not free. But to fight Zakhar Prilepin fought. At least because of active hostilities ended long before he had arrived. And as he walked, he didn’t even try to go. And all his so-called “shooting from the front” repeatedly exposed people who were directly in the Donbass, knew the area and identified a deep backcourt, he served as advanced in their shooting”.

In late July, he went home (maybe actually lived up to the Kremlin mission), stating that “young state” became “another region of Russia”.

and, says the former”people’s Governor” Pavel Gubarev.

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