Militants “DNR” found a way to stifle the Ukrainian TV signal

Боевики "ДНР" нашли способ заглушить украинский телесигнал

Occupational authorities of the self-proclaimed “DNR” are going to oppose the Ukrainian radiotelevisao on the territories under their control. According to the group “Information resistance”, the so-called “GP Radio-television transmitting center” (subject to “Ministry of communications DNI”) instructed to dismantle the TV tower in Donetsk transmitter ATRs 50/5 (before the outbreak of hostilities provided broadcasting Central Ukrainian TV channels).

In its place a plan to install nine transmitters that need to suppress the Ukrainian signal and distribute.

A powerful new TV tower in Donetsk region, Ukraine established in the village of Gornyak in the beginning of October 2018. The TV tower was the highest of built in Ukraine since independence.

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