Milky Way steals from neighbors

Млечный Путь ворует у соседей

The milky Way makes a foray into the intergalactic Bank accounts, a new study based on data from Hubble.

The authors focused on the study of recirculation of gas in the milky Way galaxy, above and below the stellar disk. Hubble observes invisible gas clouds, rising and falling with the sensing device Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS). The spectroscopic signature of light of background quasars shining through the clouds, giving information about their motion and allows the Hubble to conduct an accurate “revision” of the expiring and incoming gas in the halo of the milky Way. In the analysis, scientists have identified an unexpected and still unexplained excess of incoming gas.

“We expected that stocks of the milky Way will be balanced with the equilibrium of the inflow and outflow of gas, but 10-year data of ultraviolet radiation from Hubble showed that a Galaxy settles more than out,” says astronomer Andrew Fox (Andrew Fox) of the Scientific Institute for space telescope in Baltimore.

Fox said that at the moment the source of excess supplied gas remains a mystery, but the fact of “stealing” gas proven. Perhaps the milky Way gets it from the intergalactic medium or in some way “raiding gas reserves of its small satellite galaxies”.