Millennium : the studio has hesitated a lot before replacing Rooney Mara






The studio was apparently not against the idea of finding Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig for Me : that which does not kill me.

The dream will have lasted a few years, before being buried in 2015 : there will be a new movie Millenium, without David Fincher, Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. Millennium – The men who didn’t like the women may well have been a modest success, but clear rooms ($90 million budget, officially and more than 232 in the world), the relations between the producer of The Social Network, and Sony have been strained, and the case is complicated.

After years of announcements and expectations, the studio has therefore preferred to opt for a sequel-reboot with a whole new team. Exit The Girl who dreamed of a can of gasoline and a match : it is that which does not kill me, the fourth episode written by David Lagercrantz and not fire Stieg Larsson, which is suitable. With Claire Foy, the revelation of the series The Crown, to embody Lisbeth Salander, in the face of Sverrir Gudnason as Mikael Blomkvist.

Fede Alvarez, director of the remake ofEvil Dead and Don’t Breathe – The House of darkness, has taken over from Fincher. And he explains that all of these decisions have not been simple for the producers.



Launched gently into the promotion of the Millennium : that which does not kill me, which will be released in France on 14 November, Fede Alvarez, has stated to Entertainment Weekly that the decision to change actors was taken after heavy discussions :

“There has been a lot of debate – but not with me in the studio, if they took that direction or not.”

If Daniel Craig has been less talkative about the issue, Rooney Mara has repeated over the years its keen desire to take over the role , which earned him a nomination well-deserved Oscar. Particularly attached to David Fincher, who has directed in The Social Network and that she had to find it on the american version of the series Utopia, it left to float the idea that she would return in all cases, if she was invited.


The Lisbeth in Fincher


But for Fede Alvarez, there was no doubt : it is impossible to resume with Rooney Mara.

“In the end, I think that I’ve arrived and have been said to prefer to have my own casting. As a director, I loved not just the idea of taking the players to another. I admire Fincher as a director, but I think that Rooney Mara is Lisbeth in Fincher, no ? And I wanted to find the mine.”

Of course, hard not to put the decision in context. The one of Rooney Mara already, which since the Millennium – The men who didn’t like women has built a career of solid, earned a second Oscar nomination, and thus has inevitably gained a lot of power – right of scrutiny on the team maybe, or at a minimum in terms of salary. It is not impossible that the actress of A Ghost Story and Song to Song, which aligns the projects, and demanding filmmakers, has not been interested in the absolute return in these conditions.

Especially as Daniel Craig on his side does not lack of projects, and does not run after movies. Exhausted by the production of Spectrum, he had talked a lot about his desire to breathe. It has since turned Logan Lucky , and Kings, and will return to the path of 007 for James Bond 25 directed by Danny Boyle. If the duo with him could not be reformed, the return of Rooney Mara was losing even more of his interest.


The Lisbeth of Alverez


Sony, however, has spent a lot on the saga of the Millennium. Following a Millennium – The men who didn’t like women, Steven Zaillian has written an adaptation of The Girl who dreamed of a can of gasoline and a match, before Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven) was hired to rewrite it.

In September 2014, David Fincher said that the studio had spent millions for the rights and the scenario, which suggested that they would do anything to achieve the result. A year later, Sony had, however, decided to just sweep and return to zero, not to adjust following the trilogy, and resume in the fourth book.

Millennium : that which does not kill me will be released on 14 November in France.


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