Miranda Kerr in a mini skirt delicate shade came to the opening of your store

Miranda Kerr

After marriage and the birth of the second child 35-year-old Miranda Kerr is not keen to return to the podium: she launched her own beauty brand Kora Organics and enthusiastically promotes it, using his own fame. Recently, her company staged in Los Angeles the presentation of the new retail space, where you can now buy organic makeup and skin care.

Miranda Kerr

A supermodel, of course, became the face of the brand itself introduces potential buyers to her. For the presentation, Kerr chose delicate pale pink set, consisting of mini-skirts and jumpers with short sleeves. Shoes flesh tone blends seamlessly with the soft and feminine way Australian beauty.

Since the birth of her second son, of HART, six months later, and since then, Miranda gradually gets rid of extra pounds, but to return the parameters that could boast when he was the star of the shows of Victoria’s Secret, not in a hurry.

It’s really important for women treat yourself gently and do not feel obligated to urgently get back in shape after the baby is born. All right! Yes, I have the body of parous women, and I’m OK with that. This part of the process! Takes nine months to bear a child, so it makes sense that it will take another 10 to again feel good in a swimsuit, or more, or, maybe, all this will never happen!— she explained in an interview with Marie Claire.

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