Miranda Kerr is proud of her figure: “Yes, I have the body of women giving birth — and that’s okay!”

Miranda Kerr

35-year-old Miranda Kerr, who became a mother for the second time in may this year, appeared on the cover of the January issue of Australian magazine Marie Claire. In an interview with model and former “angel” Victoria’s Secret openly talked about motherhood and pregnancy.

Miranda Kerr

Recall, six months ago Miranda gave birth to son HART from her husband, the founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel. The model also has a seven-year-old son Flynn, whose father is actor Orlando bloom. And, it seems, the older child was not ready for a baby. Kerr said that Flynn is a little upset.

About a month after he was born HART, Flynn told me, “Mom, I’m a little upset.” He said, “I know that I asked for a baby brother, but now I feel a little lost due to the fact that you can’t spend you so much time as before.” I replied, “I know, but, honey, you know it’s not forever

told Miranda about the experiences of her first child.

Touched Kerr and important topic that concerns many women change shape after childbirth. The model is called upon to treat changes easy.

It’s really important for women treat yourself gently and do not feel obligated to urgently get back in shape after the baby is born. All right! Yes, I have the body of parous women, and I’m OK with that. This part of the process! Takes nine months to bear a child, so it makes sense that it will take another 10 to again feel good in a swimsuit, or more, or, maybe, all this will never happen! — shared his thoughts Kerr.

In an interview, the model also denied the rumors about a new pregnancy, but admitted that he is not averse to having more children.

I like being a mom is the most rewarding work in the world!

— said Kerr.

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