Mites attack in new Jersey fear outbreaks of Lyme disease

Mites attack in new Jersey fear outbreaks of Lyme disease

Author: Paul Cote

Recent data suggests that the number of registered cases is more than 20-year high. Photo: Depositphotos

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According to statistics, in the state of new Jersey recorded a rapid growth of cases of infection of a dangerous disease carried by ticks. Despite the fact that the analysis covers the annual incidence, the doctors are seriously concerned about the trend. In 2017, was recorded more than 5 thousand patients with Lyme disease, which is 17% more than in 2016.

Specialists note: the latest data suggests that the number of registered cases exceeds the 20-year high. This causes great concern regarding the outbreak of the season of activity of the aforementioned parasites.

The head of the Department of health in new Jersey , Shareef Elnahal focuses more on the need for regular examination of the body for the presence of parasites.

As a rule, the infection occurs after several days of finding the tick on the body. From the moment the first bite takes place 24-48 hoursbefore you are at serious risk of Contracting Lyme disease, “says Elnahal.

The greatest number of infected in the past year, recorded in Morris County 650 people. Doctors say that the main reason for the increase in the number of cases — a comfortable weather conditions. At the same time, experts say the complacency of people who do not perceive the problem of infection through ticks seriously. Many refuse to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of health that leads to growth of disease.

Officials recommend avoiding tall grass and use EPA approved repellents. In addition, getting out into the countryside, you should wear bright colors — it will be easier to notice the parasite.

If you find on your body the tick, RUB the place with oil and carefully remove it with tweezers. If you are afraid to remove yourself, contact your doctor.

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