MMA fighter Jeff Monson became the Deputy from “United Russia” in Moscow

Боец ММА Джефф Монсон стал депутатом от «Единой России» в Подмосковье

MMA fighter Jeff Monson became the Deputy from “United Russia” in Moscow

Author: Alina Dykman


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Mixed martial arts (MMA) from the United States Jeffrey Monson, received in may Russian citizenship, on Sunday was elected to the city Council in the suburban Krasnogorsk.

In the election documentation States that the 47-year-old fighter nicknamed the Snowman was a coach in a sports club.

On the website of the election Commission of the Moscow region Monson was listed fourth in the list of candidates for deputies of the Krasnogorsk city Council from the party “United Russia”.

Since United Russia won the local election with 47.9% of votes, it provided the native of Minnesota seat in the city of Krasnogorsk.

Previously Monson expressed his commitment to communism, but said that “in the Communist party of Russia Communist.”

“I was invited by the party “United Russia”, but I’m an independent” — said yesterday, September 10, Jeff Monson.

In January 2016, he filed an application for Russian citizenship because “he felt solidarity with the Russian people ever since the first time I visited the country in 2011”.

According to Monson, he has big plans for working with children, and he cooks for Krasnogorsk various projects, including those aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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