Mobile operators mass transfer of the Ukrainians to new tariffs

Мобильные операторы массово переводят украинцев на новые тарифы

Ukrainian mobile operators mass transfer of users to the new tariff plans, writes

“Now the tactics of the operators available – to tweak the archives and regional rates to a minimum price of 75 UAH and settlement period of 4 weeks. Proportionally increase, and high tariffs. “Minimal” was 45-50 UAH. Now, ARPU has exceeded 50 UAH. I think the summer will see the ARPU (average bill per subscriber per month) 75 UAH.” the expert noted.

Operators cite several reasons for the rise in price of their services.

Vodafone stated that the cost of mobile services is affected by two factors:

  • External – increase in prices and utility tariffs in the country.
  • Internal – introduction of new technologies and the costs associated with their maintenance and growth in the consumption of services.

“The increase in tariffs associated with the purchase of frequencies for 3G/4G, replacement of old Telecom equipment with new, including building a completely new base stations, upgrade of the transport network, kernel, growth of depreciation payments and higher electricity prices. Many fares are obsolete and parts are not profitable to the operators”, – said the expert.

In addition, the Ukrainian mobile operator Lifecell announced the closure of 4 of its tariff plans.