Mom Kate Middleton gave his first interview and spoke about his daughter’s wedding and grandchildren

Carol and Kate Middleton

Relatives Kate Middleton stick to the shadows, mostly about the life of the Duchess of Cambridge, we learn from official representatives of the Royal family. The right to communicate with the media in close Kate had not been taken away, they just prefer not to. That is why the first big interview with mom Kate (and Pippa Middleton and James Middleton), 63-year-old Carol published by The Telegraph, has caused such a stir. In this Carol tells of the young daughters, about how it has changed the lives of their families after the beginning of the novel Kate with Prince William, the wedding of the eldest daughter and, of course, about the grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. SPLETNIK.RU collected the most interesting moments of this interview, during which, by the way, Carol got a text: the future Queen of Britain don’t forgot to write your mom to wish her good luck.

Carole Middleton

The reluctance to talk to the press

Over the years I have realized that silence is a proof of wisdom. I always thought that it is useful to know what other people think. But it still means nothing. It’s hard to say how people perceive me now.

On how Kate and Pippa were helping the family business

They often were our models. Katherine once posed for the cover of the catalog, and later participated in the filming as a stylist, and Pippa led our blog. I still very much value their opinions and always listen to their advice.

Carole Middleton with her daughters — Pippa and Kate

About the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kathryn consulted with me before the wedding. We discussed the music and everything else. In the wedding of Pippa, I also participated. In General, in my opinion, the most important thing you as a mother can do in such a situation is to listen to what she wants your daughter. You can have as many ideas on how to do it right, but first and foremost it must please your daughter. And in any case not to meddle in the guest list!

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

About the excitement before the wedding Kate

Like any mother, I wanted to look my best that day, so the kids were proud of me and enjoyed the occasion. Similarly worried all the mothers on the weddings of his daughters — I was no different.

About Christmas with grandchildren

We put the house as many Christmas trees as possible. And always put one in the room for the grandchildren so they could decorate it. They love it.

Carole and Michael Middleton at the christening of Prince Louis


This Christmas William and Kate along with the children will spend with family Middleton: on the occasion also will come Pippa Middleton with her husband and newly born son and James Middleton are all very excited that finally going in a large group. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, obviously, will be celebrating Christmas over a narrow range — along with her mother the Duchess of Sussex, Dooriya of Ragland.

The relationship Kate and Megan in this interview was not mentioned, and unlikely Carole Middleton would comment on such controversial topics. She confessed that she had deliberately avoided the tabloids for many years and plans to do so and on (how not to remember the relatives of Meghan Markle, who earn on stories about her and do not shun even a staged photo!). And most importantly — no pension: in the 63 Carol is full of energy and ideas and wants to remain a working grandmother for as long as possible.

Carol and Kate Middleton

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