Monatik first showed wife

Monatik впервые показал жену

The singer touching congratulated his wife with a birthday.Ukrainian singer and idol of youth Monatik (Dmitry Montik) congratulated his wife Irina Demicheva happy birthday, dedicating her a touching poem.

The artist has published in his microblog photo of the couple and accompanied by gentle strings.

“Even if you fall pavilion all traces sweep segomela time dare your name to forget…Even if the earth pogasnet on it now, no soul no …I will not forget you …I will find you …I will never forget you…I will find you…I will never forget you and will love!!!I’ll catch up with you and I’ll love you !!! Thank you for every moment, for eternity, for every thought,verse and song. You’re in my head create them ! Happy birthday my precious, my love I. V.”.

We will note that Dmitry Monatic tries not to advertise his personal life, in all the interviews, only noting that he has loved his wife and children. And in a recent interview, the singer open up about personal and told, why considers the wife a heroine.

Irina Demicheva, concurrently, is the project Director Monatik.

Monatik впервые показал жену

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