Montreal-Sherbrooke train project: “We go for it,” says the Mayor of Bromont

After a meeting held Wednesday in Bromont, elected officials and representatives of organizations concerned by the eventual Montreal-Sherbrooke rail link laid the groundwork for the project. Everyone is in tune with priorities, “said Mayor Louis Villeneuve of Bromont, president and spokesperson for the group, called the Estrie-Montérégie Rail Corridor Alliance (ACFEM).
“This meeting is the day one for me. It was hard to have mayors around the same table. Still, it is a very important project. Today, I felt the motivation and enthusiasm of mayors and mayors. We took the project head on and we go for it, “said the representative of the group.

Security is at the top of the project list. Then comes the transport of goods and finally the transport of passengers, reiterated Louis Villeneuve.

“The railroad upgrade project, including the train linking Sherbrooke and Montreal, would cost $ 300 million, according to the latest report on updating and improving railway logistics infrastructure between the two cities. Produced by Bluejay Advisors in April, the report reports investments of $ 124 million to move Farnham station, $ 91 million for railroad upgrades and $ 10 million for station construction. multimodal for Sherbrooke and Magog “, reported last Saturday La Voix de l’Est and La Tribune .

Note that “in the description of the project, it is indicated that the train could reach a maximum speed of 130 km / h between Brossard and Bromont and 100 km / h between Bromont and Sherbrooke. The document also states that the owner of most of the railway, the Central Maine & Quebec Railway, does not want to invest in upgrading the infrastructure. The US company would however be open to sell them for $ 20 to $ 30 million, while preserving a right of exploitation. City participation was estimated at $ 21.5 million.


We are therefore waiting for large grants from Quebec and Ottawa to complete the budget. “We are going to the federal election period. We will certainly expose our demands, “said Louis Villeneuve, pointing out that there was no mention of the figures mentioned in the Bluejay Advisors study at the meeting of ACFEM, Wednesday.

Alliance members are scheduled to meet again in early September.

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