Morbihan : a young girl of 9 years trained by 2 men wearing balaclavas and armed

Morbihan : une fillette de 9 ans braquée par 2 hommes cagoulés et armés

The events took place Wednesday morning in a supermarket in Saint-Gérand, in the Morbihan.

While she took time out a few minutes behind the store, the manager left the surveillance to his 9 years old daughter, asking her to prevent it if someone walked into the shop.

At the same time, two individuals wearing balaclavas and armed entered the establishment and robbed the little girl.

The little girl has screamed out to his mom, “there are thieves”.

“When I entered the store, I was expecting to see thieves on the street. Not to see two men wearing balaclavas and armed,” says the mom.

The criminals are left with 500-600 € of loot. The girl, traumatized by what she has lived, has fortunately not been injured.

An investigation is underway.