More than fifty couples had their weddings in an awkward day of the week

Более пятидесяти пар сыграли свадьбы в неудобный день недели

Yesterday, February 14, Valentine’s Day in Poltava were married 60 couples.

About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the Department of justice in Poltava region Oleg Timchenko, reports the Newspaper.

The pair took advantage of the all-Ukrainian action “Love beyond time”, when departments DRACS worked up to 24 hours.

On this day, the first in Dracs in the Shevchenko district of Poltava came Catherine and Roman Kondratenko from New Sanjar. They personally congratulated the marriage of the chief of regional management of justice.

“Wished a pair to get them through the years have carried this light feeling of love, cherished and respected each other. To the family hearth burned brightly, and reigned in the house harmony and comfort “, – said Timchenko. And added that he is convinced that this day will remain in the memory of love for life.