Morning sickness : rather, it is a good sign

Nausées matinales : c’est plutôt bon signe

Nausées matinales : c’est plutôt bon signeThat is why it is even more dangerous to tan in the city rather than the plageCéline Dion dare the duo of waders and banana and it’s pretty cool !The point at the end of the SMS : not a good sign…The oils it is good for toutSe play, it is good for the health!

All women who suffer from it hate it, and yet, it could be good news : morning sickness are associated with good health of the child.

This is a canadian study, published in Reproductive Toxicology, which says. More women are prone to nausea and vomiting during their pregnancy, the less there is of miscarriage, prematurity, malformations, and delayed growth of the fetus.

Nothing, however, explained this phenomenon, and of course, do not experience these symptoms do not constitute a risk in itself !

But as about one in two women suffer from nausea during her pregnancy, for them, this could be a (meager) comfort…

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