Mortal Kombat : James Wan doesn’t give news very reassuring on the reboot






In the 90s, there were two franchises, the flagship of fighting games : Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. They have both been adapted for a film and one is more successful than the other. Finally, at the beginning, because after that, it went well spoiled.

Unlike a Street Fighter that funds when even often on the same game that we was constantly after him having spent a little bit of polish, the saga Mortal Kombat, she has ventured into the terrain of the remote, which has given us games that is frankly shameful, like Mortal Kombat Special Forces on PlayStation. But she held firm and, after its revival and flamboyant with its Mortal Kombat in 2011, things have returned in order.


Round 1 : Fight !


And, against all odds, she is the one who is the output, the better the cinema. In fact, while the Street fighter with Jean-Claude Van Damme was a good big Z (but awfully fun), the Mortal Kombat Paul W. S. Anderson assumed perfectly its status of series B and, even if it was damn less violent than its source material, it remains one of the best adaptations of a video game in the cinema before getting the feet in the carpet with his suite, ultra Z, and it’s not even funny.



So when we heard about for the first time ofa reboot in mode “violent film rated R and everything”, our blood has a turn and we started straight away on the spot. Even more so when it was announced that maybe it was James Wan who was going to achieve it. Well, finally, this is not him, but Simon McQuoid, however, the developer should keep at least a position of a producer.

Still, this is not safe. In fact, the director of’Aquaman has entrusted to the microphone of the Heroic Hollywood that working on the return of Mortal Kombat, it was not obvious at all and thatit was not certain to go to the end :



“It has already been so complicated to have a script that takes place for this film. The people were not aware of this, and the fans don’t understand it, but there are so many things that come into account on the plan of the business… Try to have the budget it takes, for example, while we try to have sufficient resources to make the film in good conditions. If I don’t have the resources and the good director, I don’t want to do.

I’m so busy right now that I don’t need to add me things in which I don’t think, that can’t be done properly.”



A statement that’s a little cold in the back for all the fans and shows that the participation of Wan’s film is far from being acquired. And as it’s been a good long time we had no news of the film, we said thatit is necessary to take this intervention with all the seriousness that it requires. Mortal Kombat has the air of being already a big mess, nothing that both preparatory and we don’t want James Wan to simplify life a bit by going to the projects easier to understand. And so much the worse for our little fantasy character.


Flawless Victory ?

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