Mosques in New Zealand: the shooter has broadcasted the attack live, published a “manifesto”

Mosquées en Nouvelle-Zélande: le tireur a diffusé l'attaque en direct, publié un "manifeste"

A shooter australian involved in deadly attacks against mosques in new zealand Friday, has pre-published a manifesto racist on Twitter before broadcast live video images of the attack, according to an analysis by AFP.

The police has asked people not to share the images, which sees the attacker to shoot on faithful to the end.

“The police have knowledge of images extremely difficult relating to the incident of Christchurch circulating on the internet”, she explained on Twitter.

“We strongly recommend not to share the link. We work to ensure that the pictures are removed”.

The AFP analysed a copy of the video published on Facebook Live-which shows a white man with short hair drive up to the Masjid al Noor of Christchurch, and then shoot when he comes in the place of worship.

The AFP has established the authenticity of the video through a survey of digital, including comparisons of screen captures of the images of the shooter, showing the mosque with multiple images of the same area available on the internet.

A “manifesto” explaining the motivations of the attack has been released Friday morning on a Twitter account bearing the same name and the same profile picture as the page Facebook has broadcast the attack live.

Entitled “the Great replacement”, this document of 73 pages says that the shooter wanted to take it out on muslims. The title seems to be a reference to a thesis of the French writer Renaud Camus on the disappearance of the “european peoples”, “replaced” according to him, populations of non-european immigrants, which is growing in popularity in the circles of the extreme right.

In the manifesto, the shooter says he was born in Australia into a family with a low income and have 28 years. He said that the key moments of his radicalization were the defeat of the leader of the far-right Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election of 2017, and an attack on the truck, which caused five deaths in Stockholm in April 2017, including a 11 year old girl.

The Prime minister of australia Scott Morrison has confirmed that the shooter of the Masjid al Noor was australian.

The new zealand authorities have announced three arrests, adding have indicted a man for murder.

The AFP has verified the authenticity of the video broadcast in livestream by establishing that the distinctive elements of the mosque are the same as on the pictures available online, including a mailbox, a front door, and a rug.

During the ride in the car of the shooter, we hear in the background the voice of a satellite navigation system and the AFP has retraced his journey in the cross on Google StreetView.

The words inscribed on the arms of the shooter appearing on the video also correspond to the images posted on the Twitter account who published the manifesto. This is the last tweet posted by this account prior to its suspension.

The photos of the weapons with their entries a specific have been published on the 13th of march on this Twitter account.

They include, in English and in several languages of eastern Europe, the names of the characters of military history, including many Europeans who have fought the Turkish forces in the 15th and 16th century.

The AFP has recovered the video before the account Facebook is inactivated, soon after the attacks, and took screen shots of the Twitter account before his suspension. The AFP will not publish any image.

A spokesman for the new zealand ministry of the Interior has warned that it was likely that the video will be objectionable in the light of the law of the country and that the sharing is illegal.

“The content of the video is disturbing and will have adverse effects on people,” he warned. “It is a real tragedy with real victims and we encourage people not to watch or share the video.”