Most popular videos 2018: what is the most watched in Ukraine and in the world (video)

Самое популярное видео 2018: что больше всего смотрели в Украине и в мире (видео)

To gain recognition and become famous, one can take years of hard work, and others can become known worldwide in just one day by posting the video in the network. It is no secret that with the help of Internet stars not only maintain their popularity, but also earn it. A star can be anyone. As, for example, the Ukrainian teacher from the kindergarten — a movie in which she raps, literally blew up the network.

YouTube presented the annual a selection of the most popular video of the year Rewind 2018. The winners are presented in four categories: top 10 video in the world, top 10 music video in the world, top 10 music videos in Ukraine and a top 10 video in Ukraine. The rating was compiled based on the total time of views, number of shipments, comments, likes and other things. Most popular video of the year presented and well-known YouTube stars and newcomers: comedian of India Amit Bhadana just one year attracted in your feed 11 million users, nearly two-hour film from Lâm Chấn Khang became a sensation in Vietnam. Overall, the top ten videos have collected more than 673 million views.

Top 10 most popular videos in the world heads — 11-minute video To Our Daughter (“Our daughter”) 21-year-old American star of the reality show “the Family Kardashian”, model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. She dedicated the video to my little girl Stormy. Younger sister Kim Kardashian showed the brightest moments of pregnancy, which she managed to hide from the paparazzi. The video was published in the official account of Kylie Jenner on the social network in February 2018 in the birth of a daughter. In the most popular video of the year shown the ultrasound, interviews with relatives and friends Kylie, family holidays and the first moments of life of the newborn Stormy. For 10 months it got 76 million hits. Besides, the movie was the most touching.

Immense popularity was won and the author of nice video of canadian photographer Tyler Ross. His career went up sharply, he shot a video for Drake, rappers Future and FKA Twigs, he worked on the production of the iconic Kanye West’s video for the song “Famous” and videopokergame from Kanye for his wife Kim Kardashian.

In the top 10 in this category included a video with tricks of everyday life in which people skillfully throw the flowers in a vase, hat hanger, cut the vegetables into flight and throw away garbage. Also popular described as the key moments of the match between Portugal and Spain 2018 world Cup.

In the category “the Most popular musical video in the world” in this year’s championship from Heath “Despacito” intercepted Latin American artists Casper, Nio García, Hsiu, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Ozunа. Their incendiary song in Spanish “Te Bote Remix” scored the highest number of views. In 2018, eight out of ten music videos with the highest number of hits — these are songs by artists from Latin America in Spanish.

First place in the category “the Most popular video in Ukraine” took the show “School” with the first release of the Comedy “DZIDZIO Bass”. Ukrainians also millions of times revisited the issue of “Diesel show”, in which the father forbade the daughter to go to prom in a sexy dress, “Evening quarter” and complete the release of a Comedy project in Turkey.

Ten most popular videos of the year in Ukraine looks like this:

1. Series “School”. 1 series

2. Comedy “DZIDZIO Bass”

3. “Dad forbade her daughter to go to prom in a sexy dress” — “Diesel Show”

4. The premiere of the clip “VIKI SHOW — Just”

5. Yuriy Tkach — “I and Sarah” — choice blind — the Voice season 8

6. “Fixies” — “Window” / Fixiki

7. “Hide, drunk, drug dealer — Husband had taught the parrot to talk” — “Evening Quarter”

8. Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karipidis Show “The Best”

9. “Wash your hands Every Day” — Children’s songs — Educational cartoons for kids

10. Full release of the new “Evening Quarter” in 2018 in Turkey from 19 may

“Most popular music video of Ukraine” became the clip of Kazka “Crying”, which has garnered over 77 million views. Overall, the year was very successful for the young team. The song “Cry” from the debut album “Karma” became a hit in Ukraine and far beyond its borders, became the first Ukrainian track, which entered the top 10 of the global Shazam chart. Also Kazka has received awards in three categories of the prestigious music award M1 Music Awards.

Also included in the rating of two videos of the group “Time and Glass”, Monetica and Nadia Dorofeeva, Svetlana Loboda, Olya Polyakova.

Top 10 in this category looks like this:

1. Kazka — “Crying” (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

2. #2Маши — BOS

3. Time and Glass — Top (Lyric Video)

4. MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva — “Deep”

5. Arthur Pirozhkov!

6. Time and Glass — a “E Fight”

7. LOBODA — “SuperSTAR” (Audio)

8. Egor Krid & Philip Kirkorov — Color “black mood” (video premiere, 2018)

9. Olya Polyakova — “Queen of the night”


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