Mother in isolation: Mila kunis had fun at the party in Chicago

Mila Kunis

Last night 35-year-old Mila kunis had a little escape from work and family cares. The actress went to a party arranged in honor of the 85th anniversary of the famous brand Bourbon Jim Beam, which was held in one of the pubs in Chicago. All night the alcohol flowed freely, and Mila tasted the drinks and chatted with other guests of the evening.

Mila kunis, with the guest of the evening

For going to an informal party Mila kunis picked an outfit at a favorite and familiar to her casual style: the star was branded a dark blue sweatshirt and tight jeans. As Mila chose styling flowing hair, laid on one side, and sudovy makeup, the main emphasis was on thickly painted eyelashes.

At the party kunis had fun without his 40-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher. Apparently, he could not make the company the actress, because I was busy for the next shooting, or just stayed at home to look after four-year old daughter Wyatt and her year-old son Dimitry.

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