Mother Meghan Markle will now live with her and Prince Harry in the same house

Meghan Markle mom Dooriya of Ragland

Prince Harry will now have to live with the mother: it became known that in the new house where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is located very soon, move and mom Meghan Markle, 62-year-old Doria of Ragland.

Doria recently moved from Los Angeles to London to be closer to my daughter who’s waiting for their first child. When baby will be born, Ragland not moving in with Megan to help her and Harry to care for a newborn — insist on it themselves future parents.

Doria of Ragland, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

However, closely family will not be in the suburban residence of Frogmore house in Windsor as many as 10 bedrooms and enough space for everyone. For comparison, in Nottingham cottage on the site of Kensington Palace, where I live now Megan and Harry, only two bedrooms.

Residence Frogmore house

Small space is one of the reasons the couple decided to move into a new house. Moreover, soon this family will have a child.

Next year they will have a child, so of course they need more space. They have long discussed a move

says an insider.

Prince Harry and Doria of Ragland

Kate Middleton and Prince William, who are raising three children, live in much more comfortable conditions: the mansion has 22 rooms. By the way, saying that his role in the move to Windsor has played and disagreements Harry with his older brother.

The move will take place next month, while the same residence in Windsor to equip for new tenants. For mom Megan cook not just one room but a whole wing — make her feel as comfortable as possible. Another sign that the Royal family Doria accepted and loved, — the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate Christmas at Buckingham Palace. The parents of Kate Middleton this honor is not awarded.

Doria of Ragland and Prince Charles

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