Motorcyclists want to allow the use of aisle in traffic (PHOTO)

Мотоциклистам хотят разрешить использовать междурядье в пробках   (ФОТО)

Toronto city hall is considering a proposal to allow motorcyclists to move between rows of traffic. Supporters of motodvizheniya for many years lobbying for changes in laws on road traffic, which, according to them, will make the roads a safer Toronto.

Motorcyclists are asked to legalize the maneuver, which will allow them to pass between the rows of cars to the stop line while lights are red traffic signal.

“The bike can move between the cars to the stop line, and then as soon as the traffic light will change the signal to green, ahead of the movement, said Michelle Marcero, senior lecturer at the Institute of driver training. – This behavior minimizes the risk of collisions.”

City Councilman Anthony Perruzza use motorcycle and is actively promoting the new law because he knows about the complexities of movement in a traffic jam firsthand.
“Stuck in traffic on a motorcycle – always a little creepy – he said, – especially if you look in the mirror, and the driver behind you digging in the phone or distracted with something else.”

Last month, Perruzza filed a motion proposing a pilot project that would allow motorcyclists to move in the aisle on Richmond and Adelaide St.

“This must be organized in some kind of information campaign, said Perruzza to people in cars and on bikes understand what is happening and why this road behaviour is appropriate and correct.”

The city Council voted in June to give an opportunity for the transport Committee to consider how it will look in the pilot project and how it will be implemented. Mersera says that it is important to distinguish between the movement between the ranks in traffic and at speed. The proposal also includes the resolution of the movement of motorcycles on dedicated lanes for public transport and Parking.

The movement of riders between rows at speeds allowed in many European countries, and last year, California became the first US state, which also legalized it.

The Committee will report its decision at the end of this year, followed by a vote which will determine the fate of the project.

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