Movie premieres of the week: of the service will be four new film (Video)

Кинопремьеры недели: в украинском прокате появятся четыре новых фильма (Видео)

Four films that are sure you will like it.

In Ukrainian cinemas from 11 October you can watch four new premieres: an American drama with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, Thriller with Dakota Johnson and Jeff Bridges in the title role, the Ukrainian military drama and children’s animated film.

“A star is born”

This is a remake of the eponymous band in 1937, with Frederick Marcham and Janet Gaynor. Bradley Cooper in the role of Jackson lane, an aging country star. The popularity of the lane is not the same, he meets aspiring singer Ellie falls in love with her and she reciprocates his feelings. Jack helps his beloved to conquer the musical Olympus. When Ellie’s career overshadows the popularity of the singer, he has to accept the fact that his musical path has come to an end. Will he be able to survive personal tragedy and will help him in this lovely woman?

“Hard times at the hotel El Piano”

Singer, sullen priest, a salesman and a talker. These different people are in one place – a dilapidated hotel called “El Piano”. The restaurant is located on the border of California and Nevada, and if desired, visitors can decide in what state they are in. After a few hours in the hotel settles another character is the leader of a sinister cult. It turns out – each of the guests their “skeletons in the closet” and everything would be better if the secret never became a reality. But one night in “El Piano” will change everything.

“Call Banderas”

Military Anton Saenko, whom relatives call “Banderas”, 20 years was not in his native village. By chance, namely in the midst of the ATO, Saenko gets in the occupied territory. It is in the area of the village where I grew up a soldier, start a diversion and his unit need to disarm criminals. The situation is complicated by the fact that a rat is among the Ukrainian military personnel, and at any moment will begin to operate. “Banderas” is unable to trust anyone, but he is not alone: separatism sister begin to suspect him.

“Frog Ribbit”

Rabbit – the main character of the cartoon. He is a unique little frog that is afraid of water and hates to jump. Ribbit uncomfortable among relatives, because he is not like everyone else. But the frog is very curious, and besides, he revealed that actually he is a Prince in the body of the toad. He needs to find his Princess and then he will turn back into human. Ribbit sent to difficult and dangerous journey, will help him in this protein sandy.

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