Mowgli : The legend of the Jungle – the first opinion of the movie Netflix have fallen






Too bad… Netflix, and Andy Serkis seem to have relied on form rather than substance. The special effects of Mowgli : The legend of the Jungle are sufficient to make up the scenario disappointing ?

The Planet of the apes, Star Wars… many of the films which have succeeded in distinguishing itself on the international stage by the power of their images and use lot of motion capture. But the work of the actor and director Andy Serkis is controversial as it seems to put more emphasis on the heavy work of special effects than the actors ‘ performance.


It is true that it is very beautiful


This new adaptation of the novel of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, expecting it to be dark, will see Andy Serkis, Baloo, give one paw to the young Rohan Chand, Mowgly. You will also find Benedict Cumberbatch transformed by technology as Shere Khan, Christian Bale as Bagheera and Cate Blanchett as Kaa.

If the film is beautiful in its entirety, the first to notice us for the first are not excited by the special effects they did not find all the height. No more by the scenario that did not happen to collect all the stories of Rudyard Kipling into a compelling narrative. Wanting more dramatic the film would fall in between two wobbly.


Benedict Cumberkhan



“The first sequences in the jungle, but adoption of Mowgli, are exciting and immersive, while the escapades later in the civilized world are flat […] For each scene in a dazzling and wonderful, there is another ugly hubris ; for every big cat that looks ready to jump through the screen, there’s a wolf strangely unfinished […]

Mowgli : The legend of the jungle is also hard to adapt the stories of the jungle Book by Kipling in a coherent scenario, sometimes a little disjointed, as if the filmmaker didn’t know how to go from one story to another “ – Kate Erbland


You can trust



“Mowgli, delves much more deeply into the character of Mowgli as other adaptations of the jungle Book, without the fear of a much more dark, the young boy raised among wolves. “ – Molly Freeman



“No song, and not very fun. (…) a crisis of loyalty between Mowgli and the other animals, who place the “village of men” with real human actors on the scene – think of an origin story of super-heroes. The scenes of the village break the magic, and confuse the story.”

The feature film will be released only on Netflix in France on 7 December.


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