Municipal Grenoble: Carignon does not require the investiture LR

Municipales à Grenoble: Carignon ne demandera pas l'investiture LR

The former mayor of Grenoble, Alain Carignon, who seeks a fresh mandate in the capital of isère in the upcoming municipal elections, will not seek the nomination of the Republicans, said the person in the Figaro Magazine on Saturday.

“I is a list of civil society. I will not ask the nomination of the Republicans” simply indicates the ex-minister BPR of the governments of Chirac (1986-88) and Balladur (1993-94), who was sentenced in 1996 for corruption, and imprisoned for twenty-nine months.

“I do this without any spirit of revenge. This city (Grenoble) is exciting and deserves the best,” says the former municipal official of the city (1983-1995), who is today aged 70 years.

Member of LR, it was, however, received last November the support to its list of two committees of the electoral districts in the federation of grenoble-isère of the party of the right.

Behind the scenes, there are whispers that the boss of the Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez, he would prefer senator Michel Savin.

In campaign with his movement in the past few months, Alain Carignon was taken once again in the balance sheet of its main opponent, the current mayor ecologist Eric Piolle, who has not officially focused candidate to his own succession.

“In five years, they came to destroy Grenoble, I can’t let it fall”, points out the one who also conducted the departmental council of the Isère (1985-97), while successively assuming the costume of a member of the european parliament (1984-86) and member of parliament for the Isère (1986-93).

In an interview with the AFP last November, the former mayor of Grenoble had explained that the municipal elections of 2020 would be his “last fight” policy and that he had “nothing to lose”.

In 2007, he had been beaten in the second round of the legislative elections by the future minister of François Hollande, Geneviève Fioraso. Seven years later, it’s Matthew Chamussy, his main opponent, the local right, who had been chosen as the head of the list by the UMP, for the municipal, while he was demoted to 9th place.

“Initially, I had all the disadvantages of the earth ( … ) – Old, from old world, old sentenced to prison. It is necessary to make weakness a strength,” underlines Alain Carignon in the Figaro Magazine.