Murder of Marie-Bélen Pisano : the police is actively searching for this indicator

Meurtre de Marie-Bélen Pisano : la police recherche activement ce témoin

In the framework of the investigation into the murder of Marie-Bélen Pisano in Marseille, the major crime unit is seeking to identify this indicator (left photo) present at the scene shortly before the incident and may provide important information.

Sunday, march 17, to 21: 00, Marie-Bélen (photo right), 21 year-old student, was killed by a knife in the heart while she was in the neighborhood of la Timone in Marseille, close to the subway exit.

Any door to believe that she was stabbed for his mobile phone because this last one has disappeared.

According to the screenshot of the cctv footage, this individual wore that evening, a brown leather jacket, a shoulder bag, dark, hat, or a black bonnet, and a pair of trousers rather clear.

Anyone who can provide information can contact the Police Judiciaire of Marseille 04 91 39 86 04 or 05 (24h/24).