Music lovers with a green thumb

It is said that music makes plants grow. Those from the collective garden of the Granby hospital will be able to vibrate to the rhythm of the tunes from the piano installed in the center of the two culture sites. Another novelty, young people will also hold a special place, because the initiators of the project have a partnership with Barak at work for the maintenance of the garden.
“At the base of the project, we want a platform where the whole community can be grafted. People who come here are aware of the reality of older people and also of young people who are sick. It also mixes art. We go resolutely out of the hospital, treatment plant, “said Dr. Olivier Maynard, one of the promoters of the collective garden.

His colleague Dr. Isabelle Soucy agrees. “The goal is to involve hospital staff and patients, but also the neighborhood. The addition of a piano, thanks to the support of the City of Granby, brings this unifying element. ”

At the unveiling of the novelties of this fourth version of the collective garden, Wednesday, Vincent Côté waved his fingers on the piano, the time of a few pieces. One way for the preschool teacher to “give to the next”. “I like music, so why not share it with others? It feels good to be here in this garden, “he said, adding that it will certainly not be his only benefit.

Moreover, Mr. Côté was also visiting to complete the shooting of a promotional video for the collective garden entitled “À vous de jouer”. It will be released shortly on the various platforms of the CIUSSS of Estrie.

Spin off

The project also aims to “break down taboos” about mental health issues, argued Dr. Soucy. The partnership with Barak at work is part of this tradition. “Having young people who get involved in the garden is a plus for us, but also for them. They can earn money while working with a mental health client who also maintains the site. ”

A $ 1463 grant from the Fondation du Center Hospitalier de Granby pays young people ($ 11.50 / h). They will be present in the garden, in teams of two, for two hours a day four times a week until August 15th. “This is one of the most interesting contracts. It goes well beyond weeding and watering plants. It will be very instructive for the participants to socialize with the patients, in addition to allowing them to learn gardening, “said Rosemarie Gagné, Barak coordinator at work.

In addition, the partnership with the Estrie Industrial Training Corporation (SOFIE) is continuing. After having realized the pergola of the garden last year, the budding cabinetmakers of the factory-school now make a chest, which will be installed on the site.

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