Musicians from Drohobych addressed to St. Nicholas asking for help to take out of town trash…

Музыканты из Дрогобыча обратились к Святому Николаю с просьбой помочь вывезти из города мусор...

The musical group “Fun” from the city of Drohobych, Lviv region wrote a small problem and a topical song in which he asked St. Nicholas to help local authorities with the removal of mountains of debris literally filled the streets.

The local newspaper claim that a song like city heads and deputies, but so far nothing more.

The problem with the garbage disposal appeared in the district center of Drohobych almost a year ago, the villagers Bronytsia rebelled and ceased to pass a truck in a nearby landfill. Even built fortifications of a six — foot shaft and a checkpoint, where day and night are on duty. All negotiations with the villagers over to no avail — the fear of infections, toxicity, fire, fumes, invasion of rats and other vermin. In the result, the streets of the district center littered with debris, although a small part of him could sometimes arranged to take in the neighboring area. There is information that the Lviv regional Council bought the waste sorting line, but the villagers and her refused to put.

As reported by “FACTS”, more than a year ago, the same situation exists with the main Lviv landfill, located near the village Hrybovychi. The villagers, fearing for his health, too, then blocked the entry of machinery, a new landfill officials could not find. And mountains of garbage also blocked the streets. The city authorities obviously could not cope with the problem, almost every day embroiled in a scandal after scandal (even at the national level). Eventually the situation allowed the regional state administration, which assumed no inherent control over the garbage, found the sites for him and the preparation of the construction waste recycling plant.

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