Named alcoholic drink, slimming

Назван алкогольный напиток, способствующий похудению

Substance that helps to lose weight, is found only in hops.A group of German researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, found that two contained in beer substances that avoid obesity and lower the risk of developing various diseases. However, experts noted that their results should not be construed as promotion of alcohol, reports the with reference to

According to experts, in hops contains xanthohumol and ISO-alpha-bitter acid. These compounds have many positive properties, in particular, allows you to prevent a number of dangerous diseases of the liver, helps to prevent weight gain and diabetes, and also reduces the likelihood of scarring.

Scientists say that xanthohumol is found only in hops. The researchers do not exclude that in the future, on the basis of this compound, as well as ISO-alpha-bitter acids can be created by the new drugs, although such use of these substances should require a lot more research.

The researchers emphasize that their scientific work can thus assume only about the benefits of non-alcoholic beer and other products containing hops, but non-alcoholic drinks. As for the beer, “normal”, experts suggest that it in any quantities does more harm than good.

On the results obtained, the research reported on the website of the University.

Effects on the body alcoholic beverages “in small doses” continues to be a subject of dispute among scholars, however, increasingly popular increasingly popular opinion that the best choice is a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages. This position, in particular, to the experts of the world health organization and scientists from the University of Washington, previously organized a number of studies on this topic.

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