Named an unexpected benefit wine tasting

Названа неожиданная польза дегустации вина

Tasting allows the brain to begin to work better.

You will not believe, but scientists believe that wine tasting can positively affect your brain. Moreover, it is better than listening to a concert of Beethoven or solutions to a mathematical problem, reports the with reference to

Where lies the secret? It is very simple. You concentrate on defining the taste of the wine, allows the brain to begin to work better during the tasting. At least so says PhD, Professor of neurology Yale school of medicine Gordon shepherd, author of the book “Neurology”.

“This process involved several sensory and motor systems, and systems responsible for cognitive skills, memory, emotions and pleasure,” says shepherd.

In addition, he noted that the tastes that we experience are created by the brain which sends appropriate pulses.

Shepherd also noted that the objects that we see do not have color. It appears in the result of the fact that the light is reflected from the object, and different wave lengths of light to stimulate certain areas of the brain, which helps to identify the colors.

If we return to the tasting, while it involves the sense of smell, vision, touch, motor system. This means that during this pleasant occupation, attracted more systems of the human body than when solving complex tasks or listening to classical music.

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