Named familiar products, improving intestinal flora, ” the Chronicle of world events

Названы привычные продукты, улучшающие микрофлору кишечника » Хроника мировых событий

3 best available product for strengthening the immune system.The season when respiratory diseases will only increase, how to strengthen your body and “train” the immune system to protect from infections?

Experts called the best product that will help in this, says the with reference to 24apteka.

In particular, scientists recommend eating foods with collagen – chicken soup, gelatin, eggs, nuts, mushrooms. Collagen is characterized by a tendency to strengthen the joints and improve skin condition (actually rejuvenate), and also increase immunity.

Speaking of chicken broth. According to experts, in this dish, in addition to collagen also contains minerals and amino acids, which also possess the ability to activate immune function.

In addition, to strengthen the protective properties of the organism a very useful yoghurt and sour milk products. Due to their regular use improves intestinal microflora, which is essential for stronger immunity. In addition, the experts pointed out that a healthy gut and provides good sleep quality, rapid recovery of the body in cases of disease.

Another valuable product for immunity – oily fish. Its constituent omega-3 fats allow the body to control inflammatory processes, preventing their proliferation. Scientists pointed to the fact that contained in fish protein is involved in the structure of immune cells and supplies the body with valuable amino acids.

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