Named food that can prolong life

Названа еда, которая способна продлить жизнь

Scientists have identified patterns in the diet of centenarians.

The secret of longevity agitated the minds of researchers at all times: don Juan Ponce de Leon looking for the magical fountain of youth, alchemists tried to create a potion of longevity. The idea of prolonging life has not lost its relevance in our days, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

The last few years, demographers, physicians and scientists are closely studying the so-called “blue zones” — areas where people live longer compared to other places on the planet.

In summary there are 5 “blue zones”. By analyzing the characteristics of life in these places, the researchers came to the conclusion that, among other criteria, longevity of the important place occupied by food. In combination with other factors, a special menu allows the living to record ages, while maintaining the health and clarity of mind. The experts decided to find out what consumed the inhabitants of the 5 “blue zones” that it adds several years of life, according to health info with reference to

Okinawa, Japan

In this “blue zone”, the highest rate of centenarians in the world: about 6.5 per 10,000 people. Eating Okinawans adhere to ancient Confucian dictum Hara hachi BU, reminding that we should not eat to satiety. Eating should be completed at the time when the stomach is full 80%. In their menu you’ll find most seaweed, seafood, tofu, sweet potatoes, rice, milk, meat and green tea.

Sardinia, Italy

To live to be 100, the inhabitants of Sardinia are pastoralists, spend a lot of time in the fresh air and keep to the diet in Sardinian. It includes goat’s milk, sheep cheese, tomatoes, beans and 1-2 glasses a day of local red wine.

Ikaria, Greece

The Mediterranean diet has long been considered as a panacea for many diseases. How true it is —let find out specialists, but to the inhabitants of the Greek Islands, which for many years adhere to such a diet, it helps to prolong life. The most popular foods of the islanders are potatoes, goat milk, honey, fish in small quantities, fruits and herbs. In special honor of legumes — chickpeas, lentils and cowpeas.

Loma Linda, United States

The secret of longevity “blue zones” in southern California lies in maintaining the desired body mass index. The locals try to keep an active lifestyle and at least five times a week eat nuts, eat sufficient fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains, and only small portions of meat. In addition, their menu is present in avocados, soy milk, beans and salmon.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

The basis of the diet of the inhabitants of the Peninsula of Nicoya are squashes, beans, rice and pumpkin. Their food is rich in fruits and vegetables such as peppers, cabbage, sweet potatoes, garlic and ginger. In limited quantities they eat animal protein and dairy products. For example, pork and beef they eat no more than two times a week.

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