Named for a popular product that can cause cancer

Назван популярный продукт, который может вызвать рак

Doctors have the danger of fried potatoes.Experts of the British food standards Agency found that during frying, the potatoes can not cook before the brown crust.

Not to use acrylamide, which occurs naturally during heat treatment in the process of cooking food and causes cancer, the potatoes should be fried until Golden brown, writes the with reference on the folk really.

In addition to potatoes, the highest concentration of the chemical compounds found in products with a high content of starch – bread, cereals, cakes and even coffee, which was subjected to treatment at temperatures above 248 degrees Fahrenheit, that is more than 120 degrees Celsius.

The experiments conducted on animals have shown that acrylamide causes damage to DNA, causing cancerous tumors.

However, at the same time, scientists say that acrylamide has a similar effect on humans, as received data for this is lacking.

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