Named life-threatening sweets

Названы опасные для жизни сладости

It is impossible to say unambiguously that all the sweets are harmful.

Artificial colors, TRANS fats and refined carbohydrates is not all nutritionists scare lovers of sweet, but a complete rejection of delicacies will deprive a person of the additional source of joy, interviewed experts believe. The doctors told not only not to hurt the body, but to find healthy sweets.

It is impossible to say unambiguously that all the sweets are harmful, says the endocrinologist, nutritionist, candidate of medical Sciences Ekaterina Alexandrova.

“For example, if a person has excess weight or diabetes, then, of course, any sweets with sugar, fructose is not very good, but these people may use sweets for natural sweeteners,” said she. According to the expert, it includes Jerusalem artichoke syrup and agave syrup.

“There is a chemical sweeteners, they are also now often make sweets and, in principle, they will not bring harm, in terms of increasing levels of sugar — they are also not high in calories. But by themselves they are not very good for the human body, useful such delicacy can not be called”, — said Alexandrov.

The expert warns that the greatest amount of harmful substances is sweets created especially for children.

“Children manufacturers are attracted by chemical dyes, allowing you to create vivid color. Is different jelly beans, hard candy of all colors of the rainbow, there’s a lot of unnecessary ingredients, unnatural. That is, it is pure sugar and harmful additives. Children uncontrolled eating them. It’s definitely not useful,” — said the expert. Also, according to her, not the useful variety of waffles and biscuits, they are usually made in margarine. “This is carbohydrate fat bomb, mixed with TRANS-fats, which are very strongly violate metabolism in the body,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Alexandrov also drew attention to the fact that for children a sweet tooth often becomes a cult.

“We formed in childhood eating habits accordingly, if the child will get used to it, that it’s okay to constantly eat sweets, he with this setup and will grow”, — she said.

The expert stressed that if the child is prone to obesity or diabetes mellitus, the excess of sweet will provoke the disease. “Then, when he will be forced to adjust your weight, it will be very difficult habit, to rebuild or to abandon it,” she added.

“I would like to draw the attention of parents that the child does not need sweets. They should be removed from the eye, they should not buy, do not need to have to do a cult. You need to give them so little in order not to cause children significant grief because of this” — suggests the expert.Dietitian, associate Professor of dietetics and nutrition of the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education, candidate of medical Sciences Elena CEDIA also said that every fifth child in Europe is overweight and Russia is gradually approaching these indicators.

“The nutrition children need to pay special attention, and sweets are an additional source legkousvaivaemyh energy. If the child can’t spend all the energy he receives, then, of course, it is deposited in fat,” — said the expert. She also stressed that the eating habits should be cultivated since childhood to adulthood with no issues. “For example, some adults seize a stressful situation, such habits often come from childhood. If the child is healthy, he can eat sweets, but all in good measure”, she concluded.

CEDIA also noted that restrictions should be in the elderly because with age, hormonal changes, metabolism slows down, people spend much less energy. As a result, the excess energy derived from food is converted into fat.

In turn, Alexandrov adds that “every year we must adjust the diet to decrease calorie intake primarily by reducing high-calorie foods in the first place it’s sweet, and we need to artificially increase energy expenditure is to increase physical activity that will not allow the weight to increase, despite the changing metabolism.

While we do not always encourages older people to completely give up treats.

“Still sweet – it’s an antidepressant. As people age, unfortunately, become more prone to sadness, melancholy and even depression. In this situation sweets in small quantities to support mood – such a little joy of those few pleasures that are left at the person”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

“Usually, older people like to drink tea with a sweet, for them it is a daily ritual. When relatives begin this latest waffle from his mouth to take out, always a great pity, because they deprive the elderly of joy”, — said Alexandrov.

She added that if the person does not have diabetes with high sugars, if he’s not overweight at which the problem starts with the joints, and prohibitions should not be. However, sweets should be of high quality, natural.

CEDIA said that harmful sweets containing refined carbohydrates, which are cleared from tissue, is very quickly absorbed, demand sufficient insulin spike and cause problems for people with excess weight at the expense of delivery into the body excess energy, which is deposited in fats. So sweets it is better to eat natural carbohydrates from them are absorbed more slowly, less strain on the pancreas, increase insulin levels, which promotes body fat synthesis and inhibits its decay.

“What’s natural sweetness? For example, you can eat beets, can sugar from beets, you can eat an Apple, and you can drink the juice – that’s the carbs from the Apple are absorbed in 11 times slower than juice made from apples, and, of course, in the second case, the system creates a large burden on the pancreas, a large insulin spike with all the ensuing consequences,” she said.

Alexandrov also agree that if a person has no weight issues, no disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, small amounts of sweets are quite reasonable. According to experts, will not hurt the marmalade and pastila made from natural ingredients: juice fasting, on the basis of the apples, use a natural thickener such as agar-agar. She added that Apple pastille large amounts of vitamins, Apple fiber, pectin and this is all very helpful.

CEDIA also confirmed that candy, marshmallows, jellies better than caramel and flour because they are rich pectin, a dietary fiber.

She said that in respect of chocolate there is a common misconception – the alleged use of dark chocolate instead of milk makes the diet less calories.

“What is chocolate? It is cocoa butter, a fat. If the chocolate is sweet, milky, then there is a part of the fat-replaced milk, carbohydrates, and carbohydrate gram is 4 calories, and one gram of fat is 9 calories, so naturally, milk chocolate fewer calories than bitter,” said she.Alexandrov also noted that high quality chocolate does not have to be bitter, if the person does not have lactose intolerance.

“The question is that it is not necessary to eat with tiles, because it is extremely high in calories. And eat 20 – 30 grams of chocolate a day is even helpful,” she said.The expert suggested alternatives to sweets, such as dried fruit, nuts, including sugar, and honey.

Alexandrov also said that the majority of overweight people or people with diabetes it is absolutely not dependent from the sweet, at least no more than other people.

“You have to understand that diabetes does not arise from the abuse of sweet. This is a big misconception. Well, for example, people with high sugar level says on the welcome that sweet does not drink, then it turns out that he eats a lot of potatoes, pasta, cereals, and these are the same carbs. The issue is not the sweets, the question of the total number of carbohydrates. Man can eat some sweets if genetically he has not incorporated the development of diabetes, it will not,” she said.

The expert also noted that different diets based on eating sweets such as chocolate are bad for the body due to insufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals.

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