Named one of the most useful berries for the heart

Названа одна из самых полезных ягод для сердца

Doctors told about the useful properties of viburnum.The fruits and bark of viburnum have antispasmodic properties that calm the nervous system.

Decoctions of the bark are used: externally – to rinse the mouth, with sore throat, stomatitis, periodontal disease. Berries used for hypertension, menopausal neurosis, colitis, constipation, bronchitis.

Fruit with honey is good as antitussives, as well as in diseases of the heart and liver.

The juice of fresh fruits is used used for removing freckles, acne removal and skin whitening. A decoction of the bark is prepared from 3-4 grams of powdered bark per Cup (200 ml) of boiled water; take SIPS throughout the day.

The infusion of dried berries cook 3-4 tablespoons of berries to 2 cups boiling water (daily dose).

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