Named one of the most useful berries for the liver

Названа одна из самых полезных ягод для печени

Doctors told about the benefits of cranberry for the body.Those who prefer to treat colds folk remedies, for sure, begin this process with a new building of broth.

It reduces elevated temperature, provides the body with the vitamin C which successfully fights the cause of the disease: bacteria or viruses, says the with reference to Lisa.

In addition, cranberry is useful in hypertension, anemia, liver diseases.

Kalina – unique in its kind plant. its beneficial properties are practically unique. Red viburnum has long been popular in folk medicine. Viburnum berries are rich in vitamins A, E, P, q, R, and more vitamin C than the lemon. In Kalina contains such trace elements as vanadium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, sodium, zinc, phosphorus. Besides, there are tannins, volatile, pectins.

The amount of iron Kalina is on a par with rose hips and blueberries. Organic acids ( formic, acetic and oleic) give kalinovoe juice and berry sour taste.

The red snowball tree and its bark is used in the treatment of various diseases and conditions:

a cold lowers the temperature of, as an expectorant for coughs, for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis, prevention of cancer, prevents the development of allergies, as a diuretic and styptic (bark), lowers blood pressure in hypertension, eliminates toxins, has a beneficial effect on the liver, calms nervous system, normalizes digestion, strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels of the heart, lowers cholesterol in blood, normalizes the heart rate during arrhythmia.

Viburnum cook a lot of healthy and delicious dishes: jam, filling for pies, jelly.

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