Named one of the most useful drinks for men’s health

Назван один из самых полезных напитков для мужского здоровья

Two cups of coffee a day will make men fathers.If a man wants to be a father, he should actively easy on the coffee. Two cups of this drink a day is more than two times to increase the probability of successful conception.

Consume a day for two cups of tea or coffee men are more than twice as likely to achieve success when trying to conceive a child with their partners, the study showed. Commenting on the results, the experts stated that this effect is due to the effects of caffeine on two chemicals called ATP and GTP. Caffeine prevents their decomposition, and helps to preserve a greater amount of energy available for sperm.

Male fertility is traditionally evaluated by two criteria: the number of sperm and their mobility. The first indicator measures how many sperm are contained in the seed, because the more, the greater the chance of fertilization. The second indicator is even slightly more important, because the speed of movement of spermatozoa depends on the probability of their meeting with the egg. The faster the sperm move, the more chances they have to catch up to the egg and fertilize it, which will lead to the creation of the embryo and the beginning of a full pregnancy.

For this very mobility of the sperm need energy, and research has shown that they can get through the use of male drinks with caffeine. The same researchers found that if women every day drink alcohol, the probability of conception they have reduced by 26%.

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