Named prices for Ford and Volvo, imported from Lithuania

Названы актуальные цены на Ford и Volvo, завезенные из Литвы

The choice of car in the European rooms can be a profitable investment.

Ford and Volvo brands which until recently were related and some models of these brands are built on a common platform, reports the with reference to AutoNews.

Each of them are good combination of quality/price in its niche. Ford with excellent characteristics similar to the cheaper Volkswagen and Volvo will be one of the budget options in the premium segment.

While both brands are renowned for their reliability, high safety and excellent driving characteristics of their cars.

Ford, which can get to us only on the “plates”:

Ford Mondeo 2007, 2.0 diesel, manual, mileage is not Kazantseva: 2200 евроFord Fiesta 2004, 1.4 diesel, manual, mileage 148 thousand cmana: 1550 Euro

Ford, which can be clear:

Ford Ranger 2012 3.2 diesel, automatic, all wheel drive, mileage 146 thousand cmana: 15400 евроFord Escape 2010, 2.5 petrol, automatic, all wheel drive, mileage 78 thousand cmana: 6500 евроFord Mondeo 2010 2.0 diesel, manual, mileage 156 thousand cmana: 5600 euros

Volvo can get to us only on the “plates”:

Volvo V50 2005 2.0 diesel, manual, mileage 232 thousand cmana: 2980 евроVolvo XC70 2005, 2.4 diesel, automatic, all wheel drive, mileage is not Kazantseva: 3700 евроVolvo V40 2001 1.9 diesel, manual, mileage 151 thousand cmana: 1250 евроVolvo S40 2005 1.6 diesel, manual, mileage 280 thousand cmana: 3350 Euro

Volvo, which can be clear:

Volvo V70 2011, 2.0 diesel, manual, mileage 219 thousand cmana: 8450 евроVolvo V60 2011, 2.0 diesel, manual, mileage of the vehicle 144. cmana: 10800 euros

Volvo XC 60 of 2010, 2.4 diesel, automatic, mileage 200 thousand cmana: 10600 euros

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